IaaS beyond infrastructure: What's cloud after all?

DevconTLV June 2015 Conference, Monday, June 22, 2015, 09:30

We've been talking about Infrastructure providers for quite a bit
already. OpenStack itself started as such an IaaS and then it quickly
became a cloud provide. But what does that mean? What is a cloud
provider suppose to provide? What's cloud after all?

Scaling a distributed system goes beyond virtualization, shared
storage etc. In order to support on-demand scaling it is necessary to
have an easy way to provision and consume the available
infrastructure, a way for the services running in it to communicate,
etc. Not to mention latency needs, reliability, etc.

This talk aims to answer the above questions and take a step further
down the path of explaining what should be considered essential for
nowadays needs, especially when those needs require a 'cloud' to be

Flavio spends most of his time hacking on storage and messaging modules. He has both Italian and Venezuelan roots, and is currently based in Italy where he works remotely for Red Hat. Flavio is also an actively open-source contributor, part of Mongodb Masters group and a Rust language contributor.

Prior to Red Hat, Flavio worked on Big Data oriented applications, search engines and message systems. He was also an active member of Gnome's a11y team where he contributed to Orca and created MouseTrap, a head-tracker application. Outside Red Hat Flavio likes to take pictures, swim, travel, hang around with family and friends and whatever seems interesting.

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