Docker in the Cloud

DevconTLV June 2015 Conference, Monday, June 22, 2015, 12:30

Docker is rather new, and many use it to improve their local development environments to great success. In production environments, deployment of Docker images and containers becomes more challenging and running a container per-machine without some central management is missing out on the many opportunities to make infrastructure easier and improve the delivery workflow. This session will cover some of the aspects of using Docker in a scalable infrastructure in the cloud, where resources can come and go, but the system as a whole remains stable and highly available.

Evgeny is involved in helping and teaching developers in companies big and small get a better handle on the operations side of their programming for more than a decade.

Shuky Dvir

Shuky Dvir

Devops Architect

Devops Israel

Shuky is  Devops Architect at Devops Israel. He is involved in building numerous web applications, varying from small websites to large high scale web applications with millions of users. Shuky is also an open source code contributor and has been doing web application architecture and development for more than a decade.

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